PTA Meeting Minutes 1/22/2018

William Diamond P.T.A. Board Meeting - Minutes of Jan. 22, 2018


We met at 9 am in the Library.  Attending: Asst. Principal Liz Sharp,  Karen Griffiths, Sarah Kuli, Viki Deardorff, Herna Gandhi, Joyti Justin, Martha Kurland, Kelly Littlewood, Manisha Patel, Kate Murphy, Craig Sandler, Marie-Tristan Rago.


--Thank yous were extended to the Hospitality Committee for the principal coffee (see below) and a thank-you card was received from Johanna Rodrigues for the PTA grant she was awarded for professional development.  


--Asst. Principal Sharp and Karen G. reported on the Principal Coffee on Friday.

--The school department has a new director of technology, Jennifer Judkins.  She’s recommended an FY 19 that focusing on equity across schools, and upgrades to technology where it’s needed.  The department is replacing most of the ipads kids use with chromebooks, because 80 percent of what they do works best on chromebooks, and ipads will still be used and available when they’re the best choice.  The switch will be phased in by grade, starting with 9th graders, and over time there will be a 1-to-1 ratio of chromebooks to high schoolers.


Mona R. gave the SEPAC/Town update.

--We continue working with SHAC on stress reduction and building a safe, open, affirming environment in the schools.   The School Committee has its budget hearing Tuesday night.  The MLK talk was well attended and advanced the discussion around disparity in suspensions and general Special Education trends.  We’re moving toward deploying our survey in February and we’re looking for testers!  We are blessed to have Maureen Kavanaugh, the schools’ director of planning and assessment, who does such a fine job and underscores the reality that this community is favored with wonderful administrators across the board.  Karen echoed the sentiment.  She added that Chris Lyons is taking over for Asst. Supt. for curriculum and instruction Kelly Chase.


Assistant Principal Sharp gave the Principal’s Report.

--We’re in the last stages of HVAC construction, and going through the last phase of moving teachers.   It’s exciting and really good to have it wrapping up.  Of course, we have to find out if the whole thing works - the moment of truth is at hand!  Teachers are also moving into the new faculty room.  We’ve got one more pack and shift to go, and the teachers have been great

--Jen’s (Principal Turner’s) started a scheduling committee.  Right now classes are driven by a 33-block system, and five school days are not easily divisible by 33 - so the committee is looking at whether  - classes are driven by 33 blocks in a week.  Not easily divisible!  Committee will look at whether the time should be broken up differently.  The target for implementation is the 2019-20 school year.

--D.C. Trip: $14k was needed for scholarships.  The tour company helped defray some of what was needed.  We raised $3350 through cookie dough sales and  $1,800 through straight donation.  We still need to fund about $5,000 to pay for the busses to get kids and staff from the school to Logan and back after the trip.  This is a more expensive year because six groups are going as opposed to five last year.

--Kate M. asked if the trip, while certainly valuable, is worth the expense given the high cost.  Ms  Sharp said she’s been told the trip gives participants memories for a lifetime.  And the cost is all raised with fundraising.  

-- 40 kids have chosen not to go; this is a similar percentage to last year.  Field trips are being planned for the children who remain local.  The adults are staff volunteers and most of the eighth-grade teachers.  

--Marie-Tristan asked why travelers fly instead of driving.  Ms. Sharp answered flying saves a day, and the cost is similar; busses are actually starting to cost more.  

--March 20 is the D.C. trip parent meeting.


Joyti gave the Treasurer’s report.

--We’re continuing to transition from Michelle to Herna and me and our new ways of accounting expense and income categories.  The matching of old and new categories is close to finished

--It appears we’re running short on grant money.

--We’re running short in the water line item.

--Overall we’re in good shape.

--Karen asked about the concern over grants.  Is that driven by categories shifts?  After meeting with Michelle, Joyti will update and report exact balances.


Grant Request:

--Sideman/Thrower/Jackson - $300 for a bus to transport ILP kids in a peer-mentoring program during WIN blocks to King’s Bowling, to do some real bowling….the ILP kids and peers have been practicing in the hallway.  The request was enthusiastically approved.


Martha K. gave the SHAC report.

--The Wellness Committee is examining ways to promote a positive, less stressful environment, as discussed by Mona.

--Clarke is planning a showing of “Screenagers” April 3, with compelling panelists lined up.  Karen pointed out Diamond is partnering in that night.  

--Parent Academy is coming up March 24.

--Martha K. brought some brochures from SHAC’s Teens-and-substances work; Craig brought them to Counseling.


Viki D. gave the Hospitality report.

--Planning underway for Teacher Appreciation week.  Volunteers are needed.

--We are working on a breakfast for the 6th grade parents and lunch for the 8th grade parents as part of the week.  The committee is wondering what the budget is for those events.  Marie-Tristan said she thought there were leftover funds from past events.

--Karen said there’s some confusion over titles and categories from older events.  Funds for some Teacher Appreciation activities might be sitting in other line items.  But the money does exist to put on the events.  

--Viki and members said it’s time to get the network of room parents activated to get Teacher Appreciation organization and assistance rolling.  It was thought sending a list of board members would be a good idea.

--World Language Week activities: Karen got an email asking for volunteers 2/15 for the dinner and film festival.  There’s also a need for money for prizes at the festival, and beverages at the dinner.

--Viki asked whether, after the PTA secured the donation of a coffeemaker through Kureg, whether there’s a need for pods now that the pods have been depleted.  Jen T. supplied some, but what’s the long term plan?  Ms. Sharp replied that teachers bring their own and don’t expect them to be supplied.  Nonetheless, hitting Kureg up again for pods is a viable option, Viki said.


Karen gave the PTC Update.

--The superintendent search is continuing.  The three finalists each had an full-day interview last week, a very long day for each.  The final vote is this very night.

--There’s a School Committee candidates’ March 1st at 9 am in the library … there are only two people running for two slots, so it’s really just more a chance to have a conversation.   Our own Deepika Sawhney is one of the candidates.

--Next year’s budget: The superintendent has presented her FY ‘19 proposal … public hearings are going on.  The budget proposes level services though it is not level funded.  We had 152 new children enroll this year. Skyrocketing enrollment is driving capacity issues.  In a recent analysis, we were found to to rank 10th of 16 communities in student achievement for what we spend per student, but we outperform many districts that spend more.  The only new proposed spending is two new SSI floaters (fill-in aides) for kids who need special services.  Keeping up with enrollment consumes all new funding.


Other topics:

--Principal Meet and Greet 1-22.

--LHS parent forums are upcoming.

--Kate M. asked if she’s on track thinking about organizing some outside 8th grade events - ice skating?  Indoor rock climbing?  An Olympics party?  Is there any concern about liability?  Ms. Sharp said those would be outside events, and not an issue for the school - the school only gets involved in the the Canobie Lake trip and the dance, so liability for those new outside events is not a concern per se.

--Kate also asked about the $400 appropriation in our budget for social activities.  Is the $400 for the eighth grade?  Karen replied yes, Each grade has $400 for grade-level social activities.


We adjourned at 10 to meet again at 9 am on Feb. 12.

PTA Meeting MInutes 11/20/2017

Diamond Middle School PTA Board Meeting - Nov. 20, 2017


We met at 9:10 am in the Library.  

Attending: Principal Turner, Alix, Karen, M-Triant, Martha, Mona, Craig


This month’s thank yous were read.


Principal Turner gave the Principal’s Report:


--The shift to the new traffic pattern went better than expected… the constraints around parking and traffic post-reconstruction are apparent.  We’re told we can’t pave anything more, with the exception of possibly a third lane on the Hancock Street side entrance … As it stands now, the school is 19 spaces short just of staff needs.   Allowing parking in the turnaround circle from 9 am to 2 pm is one stopgap possibility.  And parking on the lawn works all right - until the snow comes!  Administrators will continue to work on it.  A related problem, driving the shift to the new bus-and-car dropoff pattern, is that the cafeteria dropoff loop turned out to be much too small.  Kids and buses were forced too close together.  That said, the shift to the new dropoff pattern went much more more smoothly than J.T. feared it would.  


--The Cookie-dough fundraiser for the D.C. trip is finished…the vollume of sales was good.  There was a little turbulence about the profusion of fundraisers, but that’s been mainly smoothed out.   We have 100 registrations and the due date is Dec. 1.


--Parent conferences are going well.  We continue to make tweaks to the signup process.  The question does arise, is it time to blow up the model?  Are there more effective ways to conduct the conferences?  Staff is receptive to the input of parents and the possibility of re-examining conferences.


--The 7th grade fall social went nicely, and it’s thought it makes sense to have the seventh graders do an event that’s a social, while the 8th graders have a dance that’s called a Dance.


--J. Turner’s receptive to coffee-with-the-principal ideas.  The next parent-principal coffee will be held on Jan. 19, and focus on technology, particularly changes in some of the technology used in Diamond classrooms.  Other coffees might deal with homework; STEM; and what teachers think parents should know about their kids’ school experience.


-- At the Nov. 7 School Committee meeting, Director of digital learning Jennifer Judkins briefed the committee on the new 5-year technology plan now in development.  


-- Mona Roy submitted her notes on the latest meeting and work of the Special Ed Parents’ Advisory Council, attached below.  Discussion is ongoing as to the implication of the Human Rights Commissions’ survey of student experience and an analysis of suspensions that found African American students and special-education students suspended at disproportionately high rates.  Principal Turner said that while the Administrators’ Council is definitely interested in advancing equity, its members also feel the methodology of the survey was flawed because it was perception based rather than data based.


Martha reported from the School Health Advisory Council.  Town Meeting voted 109-35 to ban retail marijuana sale in Lexington.  The council is supporting Narcan traning, and there will be a Parent Education Forum Dec. 6 on Substances and Middle Schoolers.


Karen delivered the Treasurer's report, and described recent and current grant requests: Jane Hunley for Mythmasters; a grant to Ms. Wells and Mullen for helping WIN kids with social skills and language therapy; and $700 to enable Mdme. Goulet’s students to attend a Francophile concert.


Also Karen reported that a parent who’s started a business giving French cooking classes is looking to donate a gift certificate for instruction, the question being how that might be made useful by the PTA.   It was thought it perhaps it could be auctioned or presented as part of World Language Week.


Social Committee Report:  


--Biggest need is someone to coordinate grade-level events  Some discussion ensued of what events would be worthwhile, but the obstacle remains recruiting someone willing to organize all these good events.  There’s an abundance of people willing to help, and a shortage of people willing to lead.


--The committee continues working on meet and greets at parent’s home.  And a plan is afoot to hold a schoolwide parent social, a la the 6th grade social, since school-based opportunities for parents to get together are quite rare.   The committee is looking for a date and host parent to hold the event.


Karen previewed some other upcoming events, including the possibility of a school book fair and a second presentation of “Screenagers” in April.


PTA/O President’s council: the major issue is the upcoming votes on debt exclusions for the Hastings School and the Lex Children’s Place.   People tend not to understand that the LCP saves the town money by keeping kids with high-cost needs in town, obviating the need for outside placements.  The Yes for Lexington Committee still needs phone bankers and volunteers.  A community forum on start times was held on the 15th and a task force of the school committee will now begin looking at implementation.


Everest Team Leader Ed Dube, who teaches World Geo/Social Studies, appeared before the board to float the idea of monthly field trips to reinforce and expand student’s learning.  Mr. Dube’s main question was, did we think parents would be willing to volunteer to go on the field trips?  Members felt the answer was probably “yes.”


The board adjourned at 10:20 am to meet again Dec. 18 at 9 am in the library

SEPAC Addendum: Here are Mona’s notes on the work of the SEPAC.


SEPAC/Town Update


SEPAC: Had a great turnout on how to write a meaningful IEP. In December we will have the annual basic rights presentation and early next year we will have a Q&A with Dr. C and SPED director. Also will be focusing on the discipline disparity survey and getting ready for next year’s more general SEPAC survey on various topics. Want to confirm that messages are getting through the PPC.


HRC: SC approved the goals of the discipline survey which are to:

1. To solicit feedback from parents of African American/Black students and/or students on an IEP/504 plan (K-12) on their perspective and experience of the handling of discipline issues by school officials.

2. To increase access to education by reducing the amount of time that students are removed (e.g. suspension, detention, time in guidance) from the classroom.

3. To reduce the number of suspensions (particularly of African American/Black and IEP/504 plan students) by studying the feedback and working with LPS faculty, staff, parents, guardians, and students to move towards non-exclusionary disciplinary responses.


Annual MLK Day event — community conversation on race — looking for facilitators to facilitate small group table discussions — should a note be sent out through the newsletter? Anyone on the board interested?


Community Coalition: Monthly coffees have been well attended. We encourage everyone to come to connect with new people in town. At the Steering Committee meeting, deeper discussions mental health, marijuana use, harassment of LGBTQ youth and potential work on that issue with SHAC. Some ancillary discussion on working through tech issues to make communication of events and partner events more seamless. If any PTA has any event related to the topics of student stress or mental health — please let LCC know it can be publicized. Likewise, we will sending a list of dates for PTA newsletters.


SC: # 1 priority is YES campaign. Looking for people to phone bank this week. SC also approved new WDMS traffic plan proposed by Jen. SC also approved HRC goals for discipline disparity survey. Superintendent search committee had several focus groups to understand community needs for next Superintendent. SC also held discussions on HW policy and School Start time. Sounds like LHS school start time change will not be resolved by the end of his year.


MORE DETAILS ON — cost of YES not going forward from a SEPAC perspective on LCP

— inclusiveness — benefit of a child being included in their community and the benefit to children having a diversity of peers

— cost — legally mandated to educate SPED children starting at the age of 3. So if there is not enough space at LCP to do that, then the most severe of these kids have to be outplaced at a cost of perhaps $75K — 100K+ per year. Further once, a child is outplaced, it is often hard to get that child back into public school for a myriad of reasons so given that the town is responsible for the child’s education until the age of 22 — you can do that math. Even for a child that will be eventually outpaced — just keeping the child in town through middle school could save $1.1 million per child. So you can see that a new LCP would actually be a cost saving measure.


Verbal update on HRC survey and the disparity in discipline data and the current reporting requirements by LPS

Five years of data shows discipline disparities.

Legal obligations — — there are a lot for example -

School leaders periodically review data to determine the impact of suspensions and expulsions on selected student populations, including but not limited to race and ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, English language learner status and student with a disability status, and whether the data indicate over-reliance on suspension or expulsion as a consequence for student misconduct.


Mona Roy



PTA Meeting Minutes 10/16/2017

We met at 9 am 10/16 in the library.  Attendance: Wendy Byrne, Martha Kurland, Craig Sandler, Jennifer dos Santos, Asst. Principal Liz Sharp, Teacher Lonamae Shand, Principal Jennifer Turner, Teacher Joanna Schlegel, Kate Murphy, Viki Deardorff, Karen Griffiths, Miranda Clarke, Alix Fox, Marie-Tristan Rago. Yumio Saneyoshi


Thank yous were received for the Hospitality Committee/PTA’s contributions to the 6th Grade Social and for the coffee machine.


Principal Turner gave her report:


--Back to School nights were a success.  JT is continuing to get feedback from participants but signs are good.  Logistics (i.e. parking) went great.  Breaking the event into two nights seemed to help.   And the kids were helpful too, serving as sherpas as parents explored the building and found their way around.  The question was raised as to whether 10 minutes per teacher can be extended, but JT said it’s a contractual consideration and there’s really no good way to extend each parent’s allotment.


--Parent conferences are coming up.  They’ll be booked via the usual Signup Genius process.  JT said bells will be rung to signal the end of each conference, which might be problematic, but we will see.  She asked board members to spread the word that parents need to sign up for conferences with t their kids’ off-team teachers separately- some parents expect to see those teachers at their P/T conference, but that’s not how it works.  And JT asked us to share that the conferences shouldn’t be thought of as compartmentalized conversation - given the short time, parents should go in for a comprehensive, group conversation with all four teachers jointly.


--D.C. meeting is coming up.  Fundraiser is being modified to raise more funds.  Scholarships, then cost reduction.  Helps with kids who can’t afford it.  Fundraising for trip will begin in the 6th grade, which will help because the costs of the trip are higher than in the past.   The school is not allowed to hold money - PTA does it.  Cookie dough and tumblers


--There’s a PTA Coffee with the Principal on 10/20.  Staff of the counseling department will be on hand to talk about their work with students.


--Construction is moving along.  One wing is closed for HVAC installation; when that’s open, a new and much-anticipated teacher workroom will open as well.   And a new art room will go online… focused on digital art.  Other renovations are happening in the art spaces.


--The Youth Risk Behavior Survey executive summary is available.  The YRBS went well, and JT will present findings to staff 10/30.  Stress, self-harm, suicide ideation continue to be concerns.  In other areas, JT feels the school and system are doing well, with programs like the DRUM initiative.  Various experts on resiliency, tolerance, problem solving and related issues are meeting and working with staff.  Counseling staff keeps data on kids who come to them for help.


Alix Fox gave the Directory Update: We now have 487 memberships, and they’ve generated approximately $30,000  Print directories are on the verge of going out.  Kudos to Marianne Slight for shepherding the print directory through proofing, printing and distribution!


Joanna reported a simple message from the teachers for the dinner the PTO provided at Curriculum Night: thank you, thank you, thank you!


There was no formal treasurer’s report, but Karen did say we are ahead of our revenue goal from donations.


Marie-Tristan expressed some concern she’s heard from parents forced to use the overflow area during 8th-grade graduation.  Other meeting attendees said feedback from Clarke about the same system was good, and that the overflow arrangement is better than having nothing.


Kimberly Blakemore of the Foundation for Metrowest gave a presentation about the new-to-Lexington Youth in Philanthropy Program, a 15 week program in the middle and high schools designed to help kids understand the needs of their community and opportunities to help meet those needs.  There’s space for 20 kids, and Kimberly asked for our help spreading the word.  The YIP will meet from 7-8 once a week at the Community Center.  Kids will get the chance to distribute $10,000 to local non-profits.


SHAC Update: Martha is our liaison to the Student Health Advisory Committee, which meets four times a year.  And our PTO will need a new liason next year, because Martha’s kids are ageing out of Diamond.  The YRBS was a major topic at the last meeting, Martha said.  The committee is helping to support a NARCAN training Nov. 13.  At the special town meeting this week, it’s expected that TM will vote on an opt-out of recreational retail marijuana sales in Lexington.  While the committee can take no formal stand on such sales, Martha noted Lexington voted no during the legalization referendum last year, and is encouraging residents to email town officials to make their opinions known.   Anyone wishing to speak at TM should contact Deborah Brown, town moderator.  The committee is seeking a new date for a forum on substance abuse prevention education for parents


Stoplight petition: Discussion turned to the presentation we heard about a petition for a traffic light at Adams and Hathaway Streets.  Can PTA endorse this petition, or similar?  Karen noted there is no policy in our bylaws or Mass. PTA’s on taking formal positions on such community campaigns.  Board members expressed a sentiment that it’s best not to take a formal position on a matter on which residents appear to hold differing, valid points of view. The board decided that we are comfortable publicizing the petition in the weekly newsletter, but we will not take a vote on whether to sign the petition as a board.


Dates for the next “Going to LHS” event have tentatively been set as Feb. 26 and Feb. 28.


The PTA is seeking a rerun of “Screenagers,” perhaps April 3 at LHS.


Social events: The Hospitality Committee is working on some plans for parent get-togethers.  


PPC Update:


  --Debt exclusion - KG pitched endorsement and donations - from individuals

  --Coffees on “How to Raise an Adult” are ongoing

  --A community forum on school start time is scheduled for Nov. 15 at Cary Hall

  --SC hearings:Equity and funding for Int’l Field trips - 10/26...11/7 HW policy


Wendy Byrne appeared before the board to gauge interest in a computer programming class she’s running in Winchester.  She emphasizes programming in “real” languages, specifically PYTHON and from that to Java.  It’s gone well.  Karen pointed it that it’s very difficult to organize such outside programs as school-based, and the recreation center would probably be the best place for Wendy to turn.  


Mona submitted her town/SEPAC update via email:


Community Coalition ( welcome coffee is this Wednesday morning only (due to town meeting conflict in the evening).  Please spread the word.  Hoping that PTAs will particularly promote.  


School Committee Mtg.

Replacement for Dr C — Eileen Jay and Kate are on the search committee and have been told to cast a wide net for candidates —

LHS graduation requirements — still in discussion as to whether it will be done with a working group with various stakeholders in it or if SC (via policy subgroup or curriculum comm — also still being discussed ) will first do some research and then present it and ask for feedback — Goal is to have that resolved by December of 2017

#1 priority — YES campaign


Lexington Human Rights Committee — working on survey about the disparity of suspension rates for African American students and special education students  vs other students  (  I think it is something like over 3x for SPED students and over 4x for AA students as opposed to white students — this is Lexington’s own data.  


SEPAC — October is Dyslexia awareness month and was marked with a movie at LHS, monthly meetings posted on  


We adjourned at 10:07 am to meet again Nov. 20 at 9 am in the Library.

PTA Meeting Minutes 12/11/2017

 In attendance:  Jennifer Turner, Liz Sharp, Marie-Tristan Rago, Lisa Sharma, Martha Kurland, Yumio Saneyoshi, Kate Murphy, Alix Fox, Sarah Kuli, Karen Griffiths, Kelly Littlewood


-Thank you’s:  

-Martha for planning Substance Abuse Program


-Principal report:

  • -Traffic patterns:  has gone well, people have been following new guidelines and is working very well.  More traffic in the back but we have crossing guard there and it is still working well.  *Also discussed addition of cross walk on Hancock near Victory Garden.  Ms Turner reported that it is under discussion.

  • Scheduling:  Diamond and Clark will start a middle school scheduling committee to investigate improved scheduling options.  Starting the visioning part now, will present to staff on Jan 11th (half day).  Will for a committee of staff, parents and students.  Estimate it will take 18 months, implement 2019/2020.

  • Principal coffee 1/19 at 9am, topic:  technology.  Ms Turner invited technology lead to present the three year vision.  Going to device agnostic plan – moving away from iPads and towards Chrome Books

  • Other:  

    • 8th grade DC trip finalizing plans, around 266 of 302 students participating.  We do have many students requesting financial assistance this year so good for the profit from cookie dough fundraiser.  The cookie dough fundraiser went well, and all PTA assistance was appreciated.

    • General fundraising:  discussed how to minimize fundraising while still raising funds to provide scholarships for DC trip (they need about $12k per Ms Sharp).  Discussed various options for fundraising, one is adding scholarship option on general store when kids register for PTA


-Teacher update:  new teacher workroom opened today, look really good


-Parent update with principal and teachers

  • Treasurer’s report:  no changes to financials.  Still working on transition for new treasurers.

  • Grant requests:

    • Cynthia Vosland/Guided Learning:  3 teachers ThinkKids Tier 2 training for Collaborative Problem Solving Training for $625 each = $1,875.  


  • MLK Day Essay Submissions:  on MLK day the town organizes a number of volunteer activities throughout town for kids and adults.  This year they want to encourage more kids to participate, so they introduced essay for middle schoolers “What does MLK mean to you”.  Several essays would be picked to be read at the ceremony, all will be posted to the website/facebook.

    • Yumio will send to Ms Turner, she will send out to parent community and also tell department heads to promote

  • Other

    • Celtics game for 7th graders:  offered 85 tickets on Valentine’s Day at reduced price.  Have option to have 35 kids go at half-time to high-five the players.  Could give lottery tickets for each child for the high-five, or could sell as lottery tickets.


-SHAC Follow-Up “Your Middle School Student and Substance” (Julie Fenn) Wed 12/6:  good attendance, about 60 people.  Will send out slides from presentation.  Good info on vaping, marijuana, impacts to host of alcohol in parties.  Consider follow-up meeting for discussion/questions.  Would like to do every year – last year did morning meeting, would consider doing both morning and evening next year.


-Volunteer Needs

  • Lost and Found:  needs to be emptied before XMas

  • Principal Meet & Greet on 1/23:  looking for host for evening PTA in a home 7-8:30

  • Book Fair Volunteer Organizer – March:  looking for someone to organize volunteers before school, at lunch, after school



-PPC Update

  • Debt Exclusion Approval/Project Timelines:  There was some pushback about the fact that the PTA contributed funds and used email lists even though it is within PTA guidelines.  Hastings projected to open February 2020, Lex Children’s Place to open Sept 2019, firestation sometime in 2019.

  • Start Time Task Force:  task force has been working, likely won’t happen in time for fall 2018.  There are many logistics to overcome but they are working on it  (Boston just changed time, Concord and Burlington voted to do it)

  • LHS Visioning Group:  they have met with teachers, there will be a community forum soon to discuss high school “process”

  • Superintendent Search:  they have many good applicants, they are narrowing down to do interviews, final interviews will be open to public


-Upcoming events

  • 12/11 Fundraiser at The Local restaurant (8th Grade DC Trip)

  • 1/19 Principal Coffee, 9am

  • 1/22 next board meeting, 9-10:30am

  • 1/23 Principal Meet-and-Greet, 7-8:30pm