Substance Abuse Prevention Talk - Julie Fenn - Dec 6th

Your Middle School Student and Substances- What Are They Learning and What You Should Know

Wednesday December 6th 2017 @ 7:00 PM

Diamond Middle School Library

Come to this important session led by Lexington Public Schools Assistance Coordinator of PE and Wellness, Julie Fenn, LICSW and Prevention Specialist Kristie Demirev, LICSW to learn how middle school health class is educating students about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. Julie and Kristie will run attendees through best practices for parent awareness and teen safety. They will also discuss what we know about substance abuse in Lexington. This will be an interactive session and all are welcome. 

Julie and Kristi will also bring the "Hidden in Plain Site" display which is a teenage bedroom set up with subtle clues that might indicate a teen is using substances. 


(Sponsored by the Diamond and Clarke PTA and SHAC's Substance Abuse Task Force  

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