Order your Diamond t-shirts by Friday, 2/16

As part of the transition from middle school, and as a memento of this year at Diamond, the school is starting our annual Team T-Shirt Sales Event. Each t-shirt will have the Diamond DRUM logo on the back and a student-designed team logo on the front and sleeve. Samples of the design are available with team teachers.

We would love to see all of our Diamond community participate. There are many activities in the Spring for teams to come together and wear their Diamond shirts. Also, eighth graders are especially encouraged to participate so they have team shirts for the DC trip, Quebec trip, Canobie Lake, and various local field trips! 

To order your child's t-shirt online, please log into your MySchoolAnywhere account at www.myschoolanywhere.com and choose the "Our Store" tab, then click on the t-shirt icon and follow prompts

or use this link:


Please note that t-shirts purchased online cost $11.50 (convenience fee of $.50 added to cost of t-shirt)

The deadline to order t-shirts is Friday, February 16.